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Scaleit W8 – Truck Scale Software

Our mission is to be the #1 choice world wide in truck scale software solutions. We’re changing the way U.S. businesses manage their truck scales. Scaleit W8 is a new concept that radically changes the way scale software is acquired and used. Scaleit W8 truck scale...

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THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCURACY TO YOUR BUSINESS In this time of uncertainty, how important is it to save MONEY? Of course we both know the answer. Advanced Weigh Technologies, Inc. (AWT) is offering you a solution to savings. Aright you’re asking, how can a scale company...

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SURVIVOR® CW-80 Over/Under Checkweigher

Someday, other checkweighers will be built this incredibly tough. Built to withstand harsh industrial and washdown environments making them ideal for food processing and material handling applications. The SURVIVOR CW-80 features a new generation Tough-Touch™ keypad,...

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Lift Truck Scales

IDEAL FOR WAREHOUSES, FREIGHT TERMINALS AND RECYCLING CENTERS In many operations, weighing is considered an extra step that takes too much time. It’s easier to estimate the weight than travel to a floor scale and wait for access. Guessing costs businesses millions in...

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