Counting Scales

Commercial and industrial counting scales from AWT ensure operational accuracy while improving productivity. Our high-quality counting scales are designed for use in many industries and applications. These devices are available in a range of capacities and can weigh smaller and larger items. Advanced technology ensures that these commercial and industrial counting scales quickly weigh various items with the utmost precision. Certain models are legal for trade, which enables you to use them in businesses that sell products by weight. These scales are simple to use and feature easy-to-read displays that reduce confusion and minimize the chance of errors.

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830 Counting Scale

With the ability to count a wide range of components, from micro parts weighing less then 10 mg to much heavier items, the ZK830 comes with easy-to-use accurate sampling routines, allowing up to 99.75% sampling accuracy. The scale has 40 PLU piece weight data storage, a full range of connectivity and the ability to link in a second remote platform.

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK840 Precision Scale

World class count accuracy Fast and reliable, this digital parts counter / weighing platform provides outstanding count accuracy of over 99.75% for parts weighing, from as little as 10 mg through to much heavier items. The unique modular base and indicator combination uses our robust BSQ Quartzell bench base with up to 1 billion internal count resolution and 1100% overload protection.

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