Bench Scales

Bench scales are ideal for use in many industrial applications. Advanced Weigh Technologies has a large selection of innovative industrial bench scales in a range of sizes and capacities. To help ensure a lifetime of reliable use, we offer bench scales made from only the highest quality materials, such as stainless-steel, welded-structured steel, and carbon steel. Depending on the product, these industrial bench scales can be placed on a bench, on a stand, or on the floor to meet your operation’s specific needs. From heavy-duty products that can withstand continual abuse to devices that are ideal for light capacity operations, improve productivity and efficiency with a bench scale from AWT Scale.

Avery Weigh Tronix ZK830 High Resolution Bench Scales


1 to 175 lb capacity bench scales with high resolution Quartzell weight sensor for a standard resolution 10,000d.

The scale has a stainless steel shroud, simple controls and clear, LCD display. RS-232 standard output – Links to printers, manifest systems, computers, process control systems.

Stainless steel shroud – Resists damage and makes cleaning easy. Options include ball top shroud, battery operation and more

Avery Weigh Tronix 3700 LP Bench Scales

Construction – Aluminum base on 10″ x 10″ model or mild steel base on 14″ x 14″ and 18″ x 18″ models.

Stainless steel shroud. Convenient selection of sizes and capacities.

Choose from three sizes with capacities from 10 lbs. to 250 lbs.

Display – Backlit LCD display with six 0.5″ tall digits

Avery Weigh Tronix Torsion Series Bench Scales

This is a legal-for-trade, patented bench base built to take abuse and protect the weight sensor from damage.

All stainless steel construction makes it washdown resistant.

Capacities frun from 6 to 100 lbs.

Torsion assembly in the scale base automatically transfers shock loads and overloads away from the load cell to the scale frame.

Avery Weigh Tronix Diamond Series Bench Scales

Tough carbon or stainless steel bench scales with a large range of sizes from 30 to 500 lb capacities.

Built for a lifetime of hard work, they have one Weigh Bar and no moving parts for low maintenance.

Options include a ball top shroud and portable cart

Extended cable length – Beneficial for when the application calls for placing the indicator at a remote location.

Inscale SuperBench Scales

RUGGED – All welded structural steel construction. The same techniques used to manufacture the rugged INSCALE floor scales are used to produce the SUPERBENCH. No formed sheet metal bracing. No castings. Built-in overload stops. A true industrial scale.

VERSATILE – Supplied with smooth or 4-way safety plate as standard. Available with optional stainless steel cover. Scale can be mounted on bench, stand or floor. Available with accessories such as short of tall indicator column, portable cart, pit frame, etc. Available in a full range of sizes and capacities.

HIGHEST QUALITY – Accuracy conforms to NIST H-44. Durability backed by manufacturer’s three-year warranty.

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