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Advanced Weigh Technologies, or AWT Scale, is a full-service distributor of industrial scales and associated components. We carry an outstanding selection of truck, railroad, bench, crane, lift truck, floor, and counting scales. We also carry weight indicators, loadcells, weigh modules, and checkweighers for your plant or business.

Apart from our selection of industrial scales and related equipment, AWT Scale distributes state-of-the-art weighing systems. Due to our years of expertise and access to the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, our experts are able to design customized scale systems for your operation. We also offer equipment installation, calibration, and maintenance–and we can even help with emergency repairs. Based in Houston, Advanced Weigh Technologies is licensed in the State of Texas.

Truck Scales

When you mention industrial scales most people will think of truck scales. Our truck scales come with either steel or concrete decks to suit your application. They can be either surface or pit mounted, depending on the purpose and location. Each product is performance tested to NIST, NTEP, and ISO specifications. Call AWT Scale and we will help you with your selection.

Instrumentation/Weight Indicator

The brains of any scale system is its weight indicator. From the simplest weight indicator that just provides a reading to the more sophisticated instrumentation which can control systems and monitor multiple scales, Advanced Weigh Technologies’ extensive line of weight indicators offers configuration capabilities for any application need.

Forklift Scales

Using forklift scales removes costly guesswork from inventory management and vehicle loading, without adding any extra trips to a remote platform scale. The weighing operation is carried out automatically and measure electronically with the load on the forks. At AWT Scale we have the experience and knowledge that comes from years of assisting clients in picking the correct forklift scale for their application. Call us and we will help you with your application – we will make YOU look good.

Additional Products from Advanced Weigh Technologies

Loadcells/Weigh Modules

“Weigh Anything”

Checkweighing Scales

“Guardian of the Bottom Line”

Crane Scales

“Lift – Weigh – Done!”

Bench Scales

“Workhorse of Industry”

Counting Scales

“Count DeMoney”

Railroad Scales

“Full Utilization”

Floor Scales

“Versatile Weighing”

Advanced Weigh Technologies

    Quality Scales and Weighing Systems

Advanced Weigh Technologies is an independent, full-service distributor of industrial scales, balances, and associated equipment.

Established in 1981, we continually strive for excellence in the selection of scales and systems design and the sales and service of those scales and systems.  These range from analytical balances to counting scales, floor scales to forklift scales as well as  batching systems, truck scales and railroad scales.

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