Industrial Weighing Scales and Scale Components

AWT Scale has independently distributed industrial weighing scales and scale components to factory plants, weighing stations, and other businesses for over 30 years. We carry everything from truck, crane, and railroad scales to checkweighers, weight indicators, and more. All of our industrial weighing scales and scale components are of the highest quality, and they are quickly and reliably shipped. As fully certified professionals with decades of knowledge and experience, we are able to go above and beyond for our customers. From equipment installation to maintenance to repairs, the AWT team can do it all. For peace of mind you can count on, always choose Advanced Weigh Technologies.

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Truck Scales

These truck scales and motor-vehicle scales are manufactured to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors and are all backed by industry-leading warranty options. Our truck scales can be paired with a range of indicators, software and other products for a complete weighing and data management solution. Truck scales with proven longevity and accuracy

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Instrument/Weight Indicators

The brains of any scale system are in its indicator. The microprocessor has completely changed the capabilities of modern weighing systems. Some still handle straight weighing applications while the more sophisticated weighing instruments accumulate data, control systems, operate peripheral equipment and communicate with computers.

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Loadcells and Weigh Modules

With over 30,000 quality load cells and mounts available to ship from the factory, nobody offers faster, more reliable service. From small tension sensors and load cells to the largest capacity truck scale and tank weighing assemblies, we have a solution for you. We offer over 20 different mount styles, including the industry’s only waterproof-guaranteed weigh modules.

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Lift Truck Scales

A forklift scale allows the integration of weighing and data management into your operation – without adding any extra steps or route changes. This means you protect your revenue while maximizing efficiency. The forklift scales are mounted directly on the front of the forklift truck carriage, with a weight indicator in the cab of the truck.  This allows the driver to clearly, easily and safely operate the scale system.

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Floor Scales

Rugged, durable, accurate and consistent weighing solutions for the workplace. Advanced Weigh Technologies, Inc. offers the best from companies like Avery Weigh-Tronix, Inscale and Rice Lake. The wide variety of floor scales including portable, low profile, and stainless steel models for use anywhere from the warehouse to environments where strict sanitation and heavy wash down is required.

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Bench Scales

We can supply a scale that fits any of your requirements whether you need to select a scale that is waterproof, intrinsically safe, small in size and footprint, high precision or made of hygienic stainless steel. Our extensive selection of bench scales is designed to excel in shipping and receiving applications, food processing environments and even hostile chemical or washdown areas

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Railroad Track Scales

Advanced Weigh Technologies Inc. has built a reputation of being experts when it comes to Railroad Weigh Systems. We offer the same IN-motion railcar weighing systems that are used by all Class I Railroads, many regional and short line railroads, and industrial users. We supply Certified and Noncertified  Scale systems, as well as In-motion and static weigh systems.

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Crane Scales

Crane scales are used to measure the weight of a load as it is lifted, typically by a crane, hoist or winch. From material handling, to proof testing and controlled tensioning, we offer a selection of cranes scales available with features and capacities to meet a variety of needs.

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The checkweigher is the guardian of your bottom line. Almost every industry, from food processing to light manufacturing, needs controls on raw materials and guaranteed packaged weights. Underweight packages, rejected shipments, time-consuming rework–they all add cost to product. The ideal checkweigher is rugged enough to stand up to manufacturing environments.

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Counting Scales

The closer you can get to a perfect parts count, the closer you can get to just-in-time inventory. Which will then give you greater manufacturing efficiencies, quicker turnaround, and improved profits. Owning an Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell® PC-820 counting scale makes the difference.

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